What is Available Now:

        As of August 5:      

Cucumbers and Pickles: medium & large. Next crop likely in 1 week

Okra- very limited amounts.

Green beans/Yellow Wax Beans

Sweet peppers- Bell, Yellow

Hot Peppers: cayenne, jalepeno, banana, birds eye. Habeneros expected in 2 weeks


Summer squash 


Eggplant-limited amounts this week

Gongoora-limited amounts this week

Tomato- Green, limited Red

Indian/Hyacinth Beans-Surti-Limited amounts, Small

Mustard Greens-very small, hard to pick through grassy area

Still ripening:

Edible Gourds:

   Bottle Gourds expected 2nd Week of August

   Snake, Ridge: September

   Bitter- near crop failure, small amounts September

   Sponge- near crop failure, small amounts end of September

Purple Hull Peas:

smaller amounts due to seed availabilty/low germination. Peas are thin and green currently.

Mustard Greens, Carrots, Beets

early crop failure due to weeds and rain. Crop may be in September

Please note that our business phone line is currently not working. If you need immediate questions answered, Google Chat works as email that I will respond asap. Facebook messages will be responded to within 2 days.

There are currently no public restrooms available at our farm yet.


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Sat, Sun: 10am-6pm

Mon, Tues: Closed