How our Farm works

Happy Hollow is a U-Pick vegetable farm. 

When you visit the farm during our main harvest season (August through October) there should be someone to greet you after you park in our grass lot in front of the building. Our Check in/ Check out area is on the West side of the building outdoors.

If it is your first time, we will show you around the field and direct you to your areas of interest. You are welcome to bring your own bags, and we have bags available to pick your veggies into, as well as clippers supplied to pick hard stemmed produce. We encourage you to ask questions if you are unsure how to pick a certain vegetable in order to maintain healthy and productive plants for everyone.

There is maps of the garden located in the field to help you find the crops you're looking for.

If it is not your first time, you can grab your bags and clippers from the side of the building, as well as a wagon if needed.

Vegetables are priced by the pound separately from each type at checkout. There are just a few crops priced by count.   Price lists vary each year, posted at the building and within the field. Our prices are reasonable given the freshness  and competitive with farm markets. We accept Cash and Checks, as well as cards with a processing fee added.

We do not accept ebt.

Pumpkin Patch​:

We offer pumpkins to pick in October as well as vegetables.

Our small pumpkin patch is located behind our vegetable patch a few hundred feet from the parking lot. Aside from prepicked mini pumpkins and winter squash, all of our produce and pumpkins are in the field.

We do not offer forms of entertainment that most pumpkin patches would offer, as we are primarily a family run produce and goat farm. The only entertainment we offer is to feed the goats if they are willing, and a quiet farm for your family to get your carving pumpkins.


Who we grow for

We love having a garden to supply vegetables to everyone, and have our customers to thank for the selection we have available.

Over the years we have changed our focus on crops to what our customers wish for. In 1995 when we started, Strawberries were our main crop. As time went on, we focused on Bulk vegetable sales for home canners wishing for the cheap and fresh vegetables to preserve.

Within the past few years we have focused on providing vegetables to those who cannot find their native vegetables in the supermarket.  This can be difficult given that plants don't agree with our mid-western climate. This includes certain varieties and colors of well known vegetables such as green eggplant and yellow sweet frying peppers. Or foods less known to Americans such as Bitter gourd.

Whether it be produce for a home canner, ethnic vegetables for a taste of home, or just to pick a few fresh heirloom tomatoes and cucumbers for your family, We are happy to have you in our garden.



We are not a farm that has extra activities or products for sale in the building.

This is a family farm with limited staff, and are not able to provide extras on a regular basis.

We do have plenty of friendly goats that you are welcome to pet and take pictures, but we ask that you don't feed them without asking first.

We try to be a quiet farm where you can enjoy nature while you choose your family's next meal.